Siguste Entertainment LLC is involved with a number of live events and is the associate of the incredibly successful Action On Film International Film Festivals.  The Hollywood Dreamz International Film Festival with Action On Film marks well over 1.5 million unique web visitors and tens of millions of impressions per year.

Our live events offer so much value to attendees that they come from over 50 countries to attend and be a part of the celebrations.

Please click the photos to be taken to the events or to see the larger image.

Hollywood Dreams Logo a.jpg
Actor Eric Bana at AOF Megafest.jpg
Kids at the AOF Megafest.png
Micael Pare and John Savage with Michell
Actor Robert Loggia at the AOF Megafest.
Action Star and UFC Champ Chung Le with Michael DePasquale jr and Dr. Roberty Goldman of the AOF Legendary Stunt Awards
Action Stars Alexander Nevsky and Mattia
Comedian Russell Peters and Actor Chuck
The Legendary Rigan Machado at the AOF M
Del Weston with Actor Anthony Anderson f